Changes in schedule

Already on this weekend we can celebrate 54th Baltic Nations Kommers. Please note that the venues of katerfrühstück and afterparty of June 17th events have been switched. Therefore katerfrühstück will be held at corp! Fraternitas Estica, Vanemuise 54 and the…
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We have added a page with a list of people registered for the 54th Baltic Nations Kommers. You can see the list here:  


We would like to thank the Estonian Defence Forces, the city of Tartu and Messente for helping us organize the 54th Baltic Nations Kommerss this year! Thank you for your support!  

The site is live! Hello world!

We are happy to announce, that the official site for the 54th Baltic Nations Kommers is now live. This site will keep you up to date with everything regarding the 54th Baltic Nations Kommers! Soon, we will add information about…
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