54th Baltic Nations Kommers


On behalf of korp! Fraternitas Estica and korp! Sororitas Estoniae, we would like to welcome You to the 54th Baltic Nations Kommers, that will be held from the 16th to the 18th of June 2017 in Tartu, Estonia.

The number of participants to the event is expected to be around 400 from four countries. The organizing committee wishes to show the participants the most important traditions of our country, among those cultural, historical and culinary ones. We strongly believe that such activities are an essential element of forming Estonia’s image in the minds of business and cultural mentors of Germany, Poland and Latvia.


Baltic Nations Kommers is an annual event organised in one of the countries: Germany, Poland, Estonia and Latvia. The tradition started at the beginning of XIX century, when such events were organised in the Technical University of Riga and the University of Tartu. The first Kommers in its present form took place in 1964 in Western Germany. After the fall of communism Kommers have also been organized in Poland, Estonia and Latvia.

Baltic Nations Kommers – it is a meeting place for people and ideas, a place where corp! and long lasting friendship is formed by the students – members of corp!-s. Annual meetings result in making not only new friendships but also scientific, business and cultural contacts. Many of the corp!-s members hold responsible positions in there countries governmental offices, NGO’s and business companies.

The participants to Baltic Nations Kommers make of 57 student corp!-s from Poland, Germany, Latvia and Estonia. The oldest corp!-s were founded in XIX century (i.e. corp! Polonia in 1828 in and corp! Lettonia in 1878 in Tartu and corp! Arkonia 1879 in Riga), and they have been continuously active up to this day. Corp!-s draw together students and graduates of universities, who excel others in scientific achievements and community involvement. Baltic Nations Kommers is a ceremony, that gathers representatives of national intelligence and leaders of opinion from Baltic tradition countries.

Baltic Nations Kommers is also a platform for cultural exchange. Each and every time the organizing corp! uses this gathering to promote the native country among the participants.

The Kommers is a cultural and social meeting. As it has been for decades, the program consists of a ball which is attended by representatives of science, culture, business and student life, a ceremonial gala, which is also attended by the highest representatives of academic and state power, the Kommers itself, which is a a significant ceremonial event, where fraternity members present their academic traditions. At the same time sorority members have their own gathering where academic traditions are passed along.